The importance of good accountancy
Many starting entrepreneurs have difficulty with accounting. They go to work full of energy with their profession but postpone accounting. By the time the income tax return comes closer, isn’t it early enough to worry about accounting? Wrong!

Good accounting provides insight into the success of the company and shows in time if certain things go wrong. The importance of good and timely accounting lies with the timely adjustment of certain matters within the company so that if something goes wrong you can rectify this on time.

Tips for a good start
But how should you keep good bookkeeping? Many starting entrepreneurs have never done this, so they have no idea where to start. Below some tips:

It is smart to contact an accountant before you start a business. He can give you many tips on how to get started and what to look out for. Of course, a bookkeeper costs money and you may, therefore, want to try it without an accountant first. Then read the tips below.

On the internet you can find a lot of (free) information about bookkeeping, doing administration, etc. You can also go to forums for questions about doing business and accounting. A well-known forum is Higher level. Many seasoned entrepreneurs are here to answer all your questions.

A good accounting program
A good accounting program can also help you a lot in doing your administration. Many online accounting programs prepare an administration for you and help you get started within their program through their help desk or manuals.

Compare accounting program
We display various accounting programs on this website. You can use the filter to find an accounting program that best fits your business. Did you find one? Request a free test account so that you can test whether the accounting program is right for you.

Also, note the reviews. With this, you can often get a good picture of the user experiences of other entrepreneurs.