Dentists and Dentistry

Dentists and Dentistry

Healthy teeth are essential, and that is why we have dentists in this world. Basically, dentists are medical surgeons who deal with the teeth of patients. Painful toothaches are the principal reason people seek dental care. They learn everything about oral health and treatments in courses of dentistry that they choose to study.


Dentistry is the study of the branch of medicine that deals with prevention and treat of diseases related to teeth and gums. More commonly known as doctors of oral health. Dentistry teaches dentists a lot of techniques to deal with problems regarding the oral health of patients.

Why Need A Dentist?

Cavities and filling them up are a big reason why people usually visit dentists in the first place. Other reasons for visiting a dentist are an extreme pain in the teeth to remove the faulty teeth entirely, install braces for irregular shape of the teeth structure, regular check-ups, and have new teeth placed in the empty spaces.

Career Choices

There are a handful of career choices for a dentist to specialize in, and it ensures further advancement in the career too. Besides general dentists, there are orthodontics specialists who deal with jaw and teeth alignment. There are periodontistry specialists who deal with gums and other structures of the mouth, and cosmetics dentists are involved in creating a great impression of the teeth, gums and the whiteness of teeth.

Salary of Dentists

The salary of dentists varies throughout the world, but generally, dentists make a high amount of money. According to US-related survey and reports, it is widely acknowledged and accepted that dentists make around 150k US dollars per annum. Many dentists earn way above that figure, and it is all about career progression in the end. A new dentist entering into the market should not be looking to earn anything less than 100k US dollars per annum.

A career in dentistry is a bright and prosperous option. It not only proves to be a very healthy source of income for individuals but also helps in serving the public for good. Dentists also promote many toothpaste brands to raise awareness regarding oral health.